Sunday, July 6, 2008

Buh-bye Blogger

Ladies and gentlemen, the move is complete! With the exception of a bit of ongoing tweaking, everything is up and running at the new blog. I hope to see you there! Subscribers, make sure to update your feeds, as this is the last post that will come from this address!

Come and visit at

Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting Ready For A Big Move!

No, I'm not relocating the family, I'm relocating the blog! I have recently purchased the domain and will be making the move to the new site over the next few days, if all goes well.

I'm looking for a shiny new template, as I type, and have some big plans to share some great new projects that I am working on with all of you once the new site goes live.

Keep checking back! Things around here are about to change drastically, but for the better! Hope you like what you are about to see!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Change Has Already Come


Friends, fear not! I am not about to use this blog as a political sounding board in any way, though I do prefer Obama as the next potential President.

Instead, I am posting because I am in awe of the history that is being made, right before our eyes. Though there is a long campaign ahead, we are standing on the brink of seeing the first ever African-American President of the United States. Not to mention the fact that he fought for his nomination against one of the most politically powerful women that this country has ever seen. AMAZING!

I am making a point to reiterate the key points of black history to my oldest, as the campaign unfolds. Though racism is still present in this country, many of our children do not realize the plight of African-Americans in this country and so not understand what a huge, historical event this election is.

There is still a lot that needs to be done in this country to completely eliminate racism and prejudice, but this is a monumental step in the right direction. These are the moments when I am the most proud of our country and the ability of its people to see what is right and accept change.

No matter your own political affiliation, make sure that in November, you participate in the election. Even if you do not like the outcome, you only have the right to complain about the choice if you make a stand, yourself.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Windows Live Writer Test Post

Checking to make sure that I have Windows Live Writer configured properly......

I guess if you're seeing it, I have it figured out! LOL

Memorial Day Lessons

A friend was just telling me a story about her son's recent school trip to Washington, DC. While they were visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, they happened to cross paths with a funeral procession for a fallen soldier.

Instead of showing respect and honor for this hero's final journey, many of the children began taking pictures and videos of the horse-drawn casket and the grieving family walking behind. Even some of the adults in the group didn't have enough respect for the soldier's family to stand quietly as the procession passed.

My question to you on this Memorial Day is: what are you teaching your children? No matter what your political stance on the war or your own personal feelings about the manner in which these soldiers died, are you teaching your children to have respect for those who have sacrificed their lives for their country?

Pro or anti-war, soldier or civilian, respect is an important issue that should not be ignored when raising our children. Take a few minutes today to remind your children and yourself just what Memorial Day is all about and why honoring those who have died serving our country is important.

Take a few moments to say a little prayer or send positive thoughts to the families who are trying to heal themselves after the loss of a loved one in battle. As you prepare for your Memorial Day festivities with your family, spend a few minutes remembering that this isn't just a convenient day off to start the summer.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A World Without Little Boys

A friend was telling me tonight about a story on Nightline that suggested that in about 125,000 years, men would cease to exist, due to some defect in the Y chromosome. Women would evidently live on, as science has recently proven that it is possible to procreate using the genetic material from two women, however the result would always be girls.

At first, I was amused by this concept. Though I love my husband dearly, there are days when a world without men doesn't sound like such a terrible thing. Not trying to get rid of him for anything in this world, but the fantasy, in and of itself, could occasionally be appealing.

But then my thoughts turned to my kids. For anyone who doesn't know, I have three boys, ages 13, 2, and 1. Life without the male of the species would mean life without little boys. That would be the most horrid world that I could imagine. Occasionally, I complain about the overabundance of testosterone and the sickening balance of power in this house, but honestly I wouldn't change things for the world. Sure, I would like to buy something pink, now and then, or have a tea party with a table full of dolls, but I'll take trains and race cars, any day.

Without boys, the world would be lacking so many little things:

~ No one would pee all over my walls because they want to do it like daddy.
~ No one would hand me boogies, expecting a "thank you" in return.
~ There would be no Hot Wheels cars to slip on or Legos to step on in the dark.
~ I would never have to move furniture to set up a train track or race car set.
~ There would be no more "wet doggie" little boy smell, after coming in from outside.
~ No one would bring wildlife into the house, as if it was a rare treasure.
~ No one would try to "fix" my coffee table with daddy's hammer and screwdriver.
~ No one would crawl into my lap asking for "tisses mama"
~ No one would run to kiss me goodbye, as they headed out to the store with daddy.
~ No one would play with my hair when they were getting sleepy.
~ There would be no one to tuck in at night, or to crawl in my bed at 3 a.m.
~ There would be no one to wake me up after only 3 hours of sleep, saying they're "Hungee"

There are too many things that would be missing from my world if the male species were to disappear. I certainly would have no desire to exist without the excitement, imagination, determination, and love that go along with my little boys.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great K'NEX Giveaway at Mommy Know How

As a mom of boys, I have seen my fair share of building toys around the house. In fact, the only thing that keeps any of my boys as entertained as building things is making those same things go. K'NEX has always been a great toy that provides both of these traits.

Let me tell you how excited I was to see the great giveaway over at Mommy Know How! She was lucky enough to have been given some of the newest K'NEX products to try out and also a couple to give away to her readers! Of course, I just had to enter...

If you want to have a chance to win, stop by her blog between now and Sunday to find out what you need to do. Take a look at the new
K'NEX models, read her review, and see how they work. Good luck!