Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Lessons

A friend was just telling me a story about her son's recent school trip to Washington, DC. While they were visiting the Arlington National Cemetery, they happened to cross paths with a funeral procession for a fallen soldier.

Instead of showing respect and honor for this hero's final journey, many of the children began taking pictures and videos of the horse-drawn casket and the grieving family walking behind. Even some of the adults in the group didn't have enough respect for the soldier's family to stand quietly as the procession passed.

My question to you on this Memorial Day is: what are you teaching your children? No matter what your political stance on the war or your own personal feelings about the manner in which these soldiers died, are you teaching your children to have respect for those who have sacrificed their lives for their country?

Pro or anti-war, soldier or civilian, respect is an important issue that should not be ignored when raising our children. Take a few minutes today to remind your children and yourself just what Memorial Day is all about and why honoring those who have died serving our country is important.

Take a few moments to say a little prayer or send positive thoughts to the families who are trying to heal themselves after the loss of a loved one in battle. As you prepare for your Memorial Day festivities with your family, spend a few minutes remembering that this isn't just a convenient day off to start the summer.