Sunday, March 9, 2008

Great Learning Resource For Older Kids

As I have been browsing the blogs in the Ultimate Blog Party, I have noticed that many of the moms homeschool their children. My mother and I share the homeschooling duties with my almost-13 yr old and we're always looking for fun online resources to use.

Today I ran across Fact Monster and thought I would share it here, in case some of you might find it useful. I haven't had a chance to dig too deep, but from what I see, there is tons of information on almost every subject.

There is even a blog section, catering to both gender and age. Looks like a really fun site!

I'll definitely be looking here for fun quizzes and study help for homeschooling.

Anyone else have any must-see homeschool resources to share?


M said...

How did you forget to mention in your intro that you homeschool too?! I officially bow down to you! (And SO wanna hear more about it!!!)

Shannan Powell said...

I guess I just consider it second nature now! We started because the oldest was ADHD and had sleep issues. My mom handled the most of it, up until recently. Now that the babies are a bit easier to control, I'm going to be slowly taking over. I'll definitely blog more about it though!